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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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report at 7:00 p.m. eastern and now a quick of the dow jones industrial average. it is ... kind of a lazy day this monday. not much helping. flat. "your world," with neil cavuto coming up next. have a great day. >>neil: so this monday we were watching the president meeting with the job council in north carolina and a light bulb went off. not one of the old ones, the kind they used to make if this country but these are the new energy efficient ones, the kind made by north carolina company whose plant the president toured the white house calling it a true american success story. but is it in we enlighten, you decide. >> welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. and this lighting got $52 million in stimulus, and it did add jobs over here, is it
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actually adding more jobs over there in specifically, in china, where more than half of the 5,000 workers reside? did we just essentially help fund this? and now our guest says yes. talk about being "dim bulbs." they declined an interview but if this is so, we got some american jobs out of this but it was a faustian pact. >> perfect storm of bad government policy, phony service, the green energy scam, and the government cramming down our throats the awful toxic light bulbs that the american people don't want and somehow we have wrapped that all up at a pretty box in order to help ... china production! >>neil: the administration will argue it has helped our production and that the bulbs are more efficient and why necessity if they fit in lamps,
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that was a big issue, but the bottom line they are better than they were and folks like you are too negative. what do you say? >>guest: maybe i am doom and gloom but when i use the bulbs a home they do in the work at well and i am stocking up on the old light bulbs because i like the light better. >>neil: be careful, that could be an illegal act and we have you on tape saying you are doing that. >>guest: well, take my chances. what we should focus on, money is fungible and if we are giving handouts to this company in north carolina but this company in north carolina also has operations in china, and i say this as a free trader, but i don't believe in trade where the government has its thumb on the scale. i don't want them helping production in china any more than i want them helping production in the united states. i want the government out of the way. i want consumers deciding what should be bought and at what
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price. >>neil: if the company is succeeding, half of the jobs are coming abroad or in the, they could back to you and say, who cares? >>guest: that is the so-called surplus argument where the government, yes, they can take lots and lots of money and say look at the 58 job we created, but, what the politicians never want us to do and this is the great problem, they don't want us to realize the $2 million we gave, if that $52 million were left in the productive sector of the economy and the government did not tax and borrow it, that $52 million probably would have created a lot more jobs if not laundered through the political process in the first place and you better believe that the companies that are benefiting from the handouts are the ones that have the lobbyists in washington, the ones that have the campaign contribution mechanism set up. this is a way for the political class and the lob is and the
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insiders to get rich but, again, what about the american taxpayer and consumes? we're paying for that corruption and we are stuck with light bulbs we don't want. that is the worst of all worlds. >>neil: we have you on record here, scarfing up these old bulbs. >>guest: take me away. >>neil: thank you, dan, from washington. >> he was not as shovel ready as we expected. all right, so, what will get the shovels ready and moving again? the president receiving a number of recommendations from his new jobs council today. are they the right ideas in former verizon c.i.a. joining me. you have your doubts but it comes more to the core of what dan was saying, if the government with the best of intentions cannot do this? >>guest: here is my concern. to me it is very clear one of the issues we are facing that is really preventing businesses from hiring today is the
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uncertainties we are seeing in the economy, uncertainties caused by regulation, and uncertainties caused by such things as obamacare, taxation, and even fuel prices. these are the things that really need to be addressed to get businesses to hire, to get businesses to invest more. too many uncertainties. >>neil: and what if this goes globally, the economic angst? would you provide subsidies and credits to compel businesses to expand or hire as the president boasted in north carolina today. >>guest: that is exactly right. what business needs today is manage like we saw years ago in the way of an investment tax credit. today, the policy that we have in place in the 2010 tax act is something that allows businesses to excel rate depreciation.
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that's good but it does not create long-term jobs. >>neil: your goal is to keep it simple. you brought a couple of recommendations. one is streamlining the permitting process on the issue of, the job council. and you streamline it and you make it simple for guys like you and your brothers. >>guest: exactly, the jobs council is right on the money. why do we see development and spending going overseas in places like china in or india? it's easier to get things done. it is faster to get things done. >>neil: but you don't extend it to the second recommendation which is the pushing of the loans on people, because especially if it is not a quid pro quo, right? >>guest: i think the loans part of this, by the way, it is in the well defined but what i
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understand from what i have seen today, is that the recommendation is to give better access to and support to the small business administration. so that businesses can get loans faster. well, that's not the way you create jobs, frankly. will that help? yes. >>neil: for businesses that cannot get loans otherwise, isn't it better than nothing? >>guest: sure, but the way to get businesses to invest, and this is business 101, businesses will invest when they necessity consumers are buying. consumers today are saving at a rate of about 5.5 percent, with that kind of savings, that high-level of savings, people are uncertain what will hit them next. so, rather than spend, they are saving. >> you are not a fan of the government forcing requirements on people, in this whole green building energy efficient push,
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while it could make for great business tines for green companies and the like it saddles everyone else with the added cost and responsibility of getting them green, right? >>guest: business people in the united states, owners of buildings are smart enough to know a simple concept: if they can get a return from the money they spend, they will do that, so, if there was greening to be done, my guess is that many of the business owner would have already done that. again, i come back to the point --. >>neil: if they are cheap or leery of committing resources, who can blame them, necessity may -- they may not see the long term benefit like fuel efficient vehicles in the under they profited handsomely off that direction making makes and models that were winners for them. >>guest: business people are smart enough to figure it out
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and they don't need the government's help to do that. that's what free enterprise is all about and the government should get out of the way and streamline more than what we see today. >>neil: speaking of the government getting out of the way, the ncl -- nlrb, in north carolina, boeing and a ribbon cutting ceremony, your concern is the nlrb could shut this down? >>guest: businesses here, since when, in the united states, have businesses not enable to decide when they hire, where they hire, and, what they do with the people that they hire to create a profit. this is an attempt by the union to get focus off of right-to-work states and make sure that companies like boeing continue to develop where they are unionized.
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>>neil: and even with thousands of jobs, unionized though they may be for the sake of making sure they are unit -- unionized by someone else? >>guest: how do they survive? by dues. by members. >>neil: and at verizon wouldn't you just say well the heck with them i will go to mexico or china. >>guest: that is what we are seeing in the united states today. >>neil: amazing, former verizon c.e.o. expert on all things jobs. companies are running to his state and now is he about to run for president, a special guest tomorrow, texas governor rick perry here for our continued special series. stay tuned.
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>>neil: forget the billions in stimulus, president obama said that vice president biden has done such a wonderful job policing the recovery act he is taking the recovery act government-wide. >> i asked the vice president to lead a renewed effort to hunt down misspent tax dollars in every agency and department of this government. we're calling it the campaign to
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cut waste and i know joe's the right man to lead it because no one messes with joe. >> this is not the first time they have talked about a program to crackdown but he has little to show for up. david, well go through a last these, but they do add up and with some mixed results. good intentions, all, but you doubt all of the results. >>guest: well, it's great they are doing this. there are a lot of thing they have talked about and done in the past such as the "do not pay," i was surprised when i learned there was not something like that in place already so i don't want to put it down, an effort to save money is a good idea but we waved way more money on things like studies, the coke monkey favorite and my favorite is the study on people's
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attitude toward the stimulus, funded by the stimulus, great examples . >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, wait: there was a study on the reaction of the funding of the stimulus? that is like a fun house mirror thing. but the president has a good sense of humor and he made light of this some youtube remarks but i think it was a serious point from the president. >> did you know that the federal government pays for website devoted to a folk music group made up of forest rangers in called the fiddling forresters. i'll put their music on my ipad but i'm not paying for their website. >>neil: but we are paying for their website. >>guest: that's clever and that is great, wonderful if they will school date the 2,000
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websites, but he says this will save millions and we are talking about best defects in the trillions and it does not add up to very much. it is no substitute for real plan to cut the budget and this is a little bit of political theater, you remember al gore's reinventing government program when people are concerned about deficits and debt, this is the kind of theater that plays wealth to talk about how you are going to be cutting back on waste will fraud and that sort of thing, waste, fraud, and abuse it does not amount to a lot. >>neil: in the great scheme of things, folks talk about you are going to always have a percentage of cases of waste and fraud and abuse under the republican efforts and the last administration the $10,000 hammers in against, and this sort of stuff happens but my issue, david, when the numbers get to be so huge that even the
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10 percent route on built in waste and fraud is large, too, and they will arrange that without any of this stuff we would be even deep are mess. what do you think? >>guest: that is true. i don't want to put down what they're doing. it's a step in the right direction but it is lined inching your big toe forward, though. there's a long ways to go and a more limited government provides fewer opportunities for corruption and i think there is a tend answer among very well-intentioned lib realities to say, we can control this beast, question harness its power and avoid having all this corruption by setting up enough rules in the right way where a more realistic view says we should try to have the smallest government we can that provides the services we absolutely need because, otherwise, there is always going to be someone there who is skimming, one, two, three, five, or 10 percent off
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the top. >>neil: but we adlaiers -- we will add more layers of oversight but it does not eliminate the securities and exchange commission or communities futures trading commission over which it will claim oversight and that is what worries me, we just pile layers as we did in the last administration with homeland security, more layers, more layers, more confusion. >>guest: at fannie mae and freddie mac they had an entire agency which was charged only with regulating those entities and look what happened there. all staff dedicated specifically to making sure that the two or three limited, quasigovernment entities, and now they are government, just to make sure -- so the regulation did not work and ftc everyone watching porn
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on the interpret while the markets and bags were failing. who will guard the guards themselves? >>neil: right, right, right. we will get more guards. good to see you, david. thank you very much. take a look at this picture. since this guy hasn't been fired ask yourself this: exactly who has god whom by the you know what? [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities.
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>>neil: and where is the letter, anthony, that speaker beyond boehner requesting the leave of absence you are planning? we are told it is coming, rather, that it is on its way but why hasn't he just showed weiner the door? doug, what do you hear?
4:24 pm
>>guest: well, the bottom line, it is just not that easy to do. just not that easy to get rid of anthony weiner. nancy pelosi cannot force him to resign. she can write a letter and refer him to the ethics committee, but the fact is, the deed is done. now, the democratic caucus does have some form of punishment, they can strip him of political assignments or they can publicly shame him but he is doing a good job of that himself, and these are the lighter versions and others show him grabbing his private parts and they can shame him on the airways which is what has been done by a congresswoman on television. here she is. >>guest: a member of congress makes their own decision and that will be up to anthony weiner but we have made clear
4:25 pm
that he needs to resign, he needs to focus on getting his own personal issues in order and focus on his family. >> the list of other democrats who are calling for the resignation grows by the hour but the bottom line, the ethics committee has this, and do not expect quick results. it usually takes years and they have the option of preparery manned or expulsion which is rare. the last time it happened with a guy you know very well, trafficant who committed seven felonies including tax fraud so it is a very, very high bar indeed. >>neil: or low bar. whatever. very good job, thank you. so have you had it with the weenies or with all congress american, is it time for more
4:26 pm
congresswomen? startle electing more of the fairer sex, the former president of the women's media center, a top notch democratic strategist, to bat. do you think if we gave more women a try in government we would see less of this? >>guest: absolutely. i don't think there is anyone who has watched the media in two week whose is not fed up in saying "enough already." we can find a silver lining in this. we have seen it in research from per -- pepperdine university the more women in business and leadership the more productive your company and the same would be true with congress. >>neil: you are not saying companies run by women are by default more successful than companies run by men, i think steve jobs at apple would quibble. >>guest: the companies that have more women in leadership.
4:27 pm
it is not the top leader but a lot of work to be done in that area, as well, but clearly with only 17 percent of congress made up of half of the population, there is a disconnect. i think anyone can look at the risk taking, the testosterone ambition that comes with the male politicians that --. >>neil: but women don't have the same sort of drive to be noted and appreciated and looked up to? power is power, is it not? >>guest: women govern differently. the more power a woman elected official has the more she is interested in using that from a collaboration standpoint to make progress on an issue. when you asked same question of men and what drives them to run for office, usually the answer will start with manage about them. it is that they can do better than the male politician they see on tv. for women, in many cases and why
4:28 pm
want to generalize, but for women in many cases it is about the "we." >>neil: and that is what hillary clinton thought, that "i could do better than this guy." there is that issue, and i understand you don't want to make a generalization, but we could do a heck of a lot worse than to have more representatives in congress of both stripes and both parties. but we don't. >>guest: republicans and democrats, but first we have to get more women interested in running. that is one of our biggest challenges. >>neil: why don't they? >>guest: they don't run because of the scrutiny they see that the media puts on their personal lives and many times they don't run because they feel they have have not plushed -- not accomplished enough. women want multiple degrees more experience before they put themselves out there and a man will have read an article and
4:29 pm
think he is an article. >>neil: so you are saying men are more b.s.? >>guest: you said that. >>neil: i think people would agree with that, but the odds are less of a scandal with women because they worry about balancing family and responsibility that men do not? >>guest: there is clearly a tie to the balance of family but there is also the lack of as much risk taking and ego involved in the decision that an individual william will make to run for office. clearly, testosterone has a place in women and men and it create as sight difference and there is that legal of risk risk -- the level of risk taking that drives the competition with the men that drives the scandal. >>neil: when i was in the familious thing we did here, i
4:30 pm
did not change into typical gym attire to be beyond any reproach or doubt, this particular instructeddor was concerned about me but i always tried to be above the fray. >>guest: love the grown head band and many men are above the fray but increasingly it is not about weiner or david vitter or the long list of men, john edwards, arnold schwarzenegger, but this is historically a problem. this not new. >>neil: but you have a generally dim view of men? >>guest: no, a positive view about what women bring to the table, the perspective of half the population being represented in only 17 percent of our congress. so that puts us at 87th in the world. the can -- the scandal can
4:31 pm
encourage more women to run. when when are -- when we have women in office, we don't see these pictures on tv. >>neil: and we are in fur -- four wars and now he wants us in a 5th. a 5th. stay tuned. is a whole nother story. unsurpassed torque... best in class towing... legendary cummins eines. which engine do you want powering your truck? guts. glory. ram.
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>>neil: today, scrambling for safety as the military continues a violent crack down and republican senator graham saying the united states should consider military intervention. and bolton, the former ambassador to the u.n. says that is a slippery slope. you say we are piling up commitments we cannot make? >>guest: it is in the piling up commitments, the syrian regime, i think, is an adversary of the united states and it has been for many years, i would love to see it over thrown but behind the regime is the regime in iron and they will keep assad and the baath party in power. we are not prepared to take on iran militarily and i don't think the president is prepared. what i worry about is the competence of the commander in
4:36 pm
chief and the notion of another military struggle with him in control fills me with concern. >>neil: i think when i look at this definition of why get involved in this case in syria, we want to stop the blood shed and folks are getting butchered and murdered, but by that definition, you could say the same with, should we did so in darfur? should we go on and do the same in lebanon? or algeria? or the philippines? to what end? how far do we go? >>guest: our litmus test is when there are significant american interests involve and it would be in our interest, i think, to overthrow this regime in syria and the best time would be after we overthrew saddam with hundreds of thousands of american troops. >>neil: but where do we draw the line? you could make that case for all of the countries we are
4:37 pm
mentioning, libya, algeria, egypt, yemen, syria, and i could have made the list longer and i could show you hot spots across the globe that are more read but what is the line by which we directly get involved when our interests are at stake? or what? >>guest: absolutely, syria is a good example, they have been a supporter, headquarters terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas, and clearly involved with iran in nuclear weapons development demonstrated by the israeli destruction in september of 2007 of the nuclear reactor being built there by north korea. so there actually a clearer line you could draw but i worry about we have a commander in chief who just is not up to the job. look at the mess he is making in libya which we could have wrapped up quickly by getting rid of muammar qaddafi early and swiftly, and decisively.
4:38 pm
>>neil: what would we have done differently to get rid of him quickly? >>guest: we should have gone after him at the outset. the president was in the willing to say we would use military force for regime change. that is the only legitimate purpose to use military force and if we did it early two months ago, that would be over by now. >>neil: how do you know that wasn't the goal but we did not state it? >>guest: then the president is not leading. he said very explicitly, the only use, the only purpose for which american force was being used in libya was to protect innocent civilians and he hoped muammar qaddafi left he would not prepared to use force but now we are using force and the president will still not say that. that is an example of the failure of his leadership and there are plenty of others, afghanistan being a case in point. >>neil: ambassador, thank you, good to see you again.
4:39 pm
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>>neil: and now, the going on of congressman weiner who wants a leave of absence and officials say the house ethics committee has not started the initial investigation. it could take many, many months, sometimes years, and that is assuming he is re-elected but the process has begun. we will keep you posted. >> i will not be satisfied until everyone who want as good job that offers security, has a good job that offers security.
4:43 pm
>>neil: the president talking about jobs in north carolina a state looking at unemployment rate higher than the national average and now going down although the president insisted the trend was and is getting better but my panels say it is the numbers and trend or not, they still do not look good, it could change. and now, jim, you have your doubts. >>guest: president obama has jobs and misery to worry about and neither is getting better. and america's outlook for the future in the polls is worse than ever on how many view our economy. and the jobs market is not getting better. the numbers in may were worse than in march, we do not see construction pickup, and we do not see loans extended to small business, we don't even see small business owners that want the loans. there are no hiring plans. this peoples bad things for
4:44 pm
president obama in november. he got clobbered in november and it has not gotten better since then is he must be concerned. the misery index is the unemployment rate plus the inflation rate and that is the other thing he has to be worried about. >>neil: you are right on those counts as they stand now, and and now over to care line, a "wall street journal" survey and it is not that they are always right, but the "wall street journal" is good at this stuff, saying that they see the trend, that is, the unemployment rate itself, caroline, going down. it will still be higher by the time the president is seeking office from what it was when he first got into office, but that the trend could be his friend. what do you think of that? >>guest: i would agree with that. the question is: will president obama be like ronald reagan who came into office, saw unemployment spike higher than it was, came back down to 7 percent, but was able to spin it
4:45 pm
as though we were out of the worst or will obama be like george her better walker who did not inherit the crisis but came about on his watch and it was held against him and he was not re-elected. he has a good chance if he can run a good campaign to spin it like ronald reagan and i agree with your other guest that the misery index is high but what is unusual, president obama's favorability numbers are high. >>neil: they surprisingly high. you right about that. wait, wait, wait guys, don't want to be sidetracked. impressions of the president, you are right, we can quibble about the economy, but, jim, over to you on a notion that we are what we recently experienced and as ronald reagan came back four years later with an
4:46 pm
unemployment rate what it was when he took office, americans remember that it had been much worse so the president, this president, could go back and say, well, you know, we were closing in on 10 percent and now we are looking at 8.2 percent, if that is the case, and it is better than it could have been or where we might have been leaded. will that register? >>guest: no, because that is not the reality of most americans. the average stay on unemployment has gotten worse, not better. 64 percent those eligible to work are working so 36 percent are not. it is too high. and the unemployment rate which includes people working part time instead of full time, or people that have given up looking for jobs, those numbers remain too high. consumer credit hurting people because of higher food and fuel costs. their reality is painful so they
4:47 pm
are gloomy and that is the difference between now and when ronald reagan was running. they believed things were getting better. now they don't. >>neil: it comes down, carolyn, to this notion, if we didn't do them it would have been worse. it is a negative you will never know or be able to answer. does it come down to the administration arguing that? yes, things are bad but they could have been worse? that seems to me like a weak leg to stand on. >>guest: it is that message, right, that it is bad and it could have been worse, but, also, they are improving. the misery index is high and i believe he forgets in 1984 unemployment was still at 7.2 percent with ronald reagan and it has in the improved but much, ronald reagan had convinced the country they improved and that is president obama's --. >>neil: they had. they had. they had improved dramatically from the worst levels, caroline
4:48 pm
--. >>guest: and i agree. and they have, as well, right now. >> from when jimmy carter was president and that has not happened now. >>guest: that is not true. we have seen a 4,000 point rebound on wall street, we have seen low interest rates. >>neil: caroline you might want to give that some time. i hope you are right, i hope it continues on wall street, but thank you both, guys, very much. from fat cats to fat chance, try bashing him now? talk about off the wall street, the president winning over wall street.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
>>neil: president obama is going full throttle to get wall street in his good graces, and
4:52 pm
maybe to raise a good amount of cash. does it sound crazy? my guest says, absolutely not. each would love to get over their collective hate. charlie, the president will be, among other places, miami, doing a little hobnobbing. >>guest: the bottom line, banks are more hesitant to give him money. they, the heads of the bank, are democratic, including diamond and they do not like the financial regulations that is passed and diamond made that clear last week speaking with ben bernanke but that doesn't mean that he will not raise a lot of money. there are two things that wall street, republicans want wall street money, and here are the two problems: wall street right now says there is no viable candidate. you talk to the average c.e.o. on wall street, and, by the way, there are only five left. >>neil: i was going to say.
4:53 pm
>>guest: if you talk to those folks and the people under them, they will tell you, we don't know who obama will be bumped up against. is romney a viable candidate, we don't know. right now early money clearly goes to obama and unless a frontrunner is viable that emerging wall street the not give as much to republicanors democrats, maybe in the as bad as 2008 when 70's percent of wall street money went to the democrats if you look at the money from goldman sachs, 75 percent went to obama. >>neil: and the administration said, you know, you may not like the language i have used of the fat cats but if not for what i did you would not be making the money. >>guest: and a lot of them recognize that. and the other thing --. >>neil: and they believe that. >>guest: wall street does good
4:54 pm
with big government. they don't lick dodd-frank, but they like too big to fail and the alleged infrastructure spending but who will finance the deficit? why did you think all the firms are worried, issuing statements about the debt cap not being restated. >>neil: that is their bread and butter. >>guest: the other thing hurting the republicans with wall street is the tea party. if you believe the tea party is the sort of movement that is the driving force in the republican party, the tea party people hate big banks and wall street. and wall street knows that. so the devil you know versus the devil you don't know. >>neil: very interesting, charlie. what if dustin hoffman did a remake of "the graduate," today, the new buzzword would be shredders.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
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